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Move your ministry to a medium that does not heed to the limitations of walls or distance.

Time to take your ministry online.


We are here to provide you the tools to perform God's work.

Put your sermons and activities online with video and audio.


School website packages are now more powerful and affordable than ever.

Communicate with students and parents diectly with secure dedicated pages.


Church Web Ministry Programs

    Faith in Site LLC provides churches of all shapes and sizes advanced web ministry programs designed to grow with them.

   Our web ministry packages are very simple to understand with no hidden pricing or details.  They vary based on some very simple choices, allowing you to make the best decision for your own church.  Every package from small to large can be upgraded and expanded in any direction that you may need down the road, so don't worry about limitations of any of the packages.


    Faith in Site is proud to introduce a new set of solution packages built for schools.  School administrators realize that in today's world, information needs to be online and flow to students, parents, and guests alike.  

    Keep your parents and students engaged with up to date information about classes, schedules, and upcoming events.  

    Increase your enrollment by allowing your visitors to not only schedule a visitation online, but also to fully register their student online. 



School Lunch Program System

    Faith in Site now offers a package for school lunch programs.  This solution is customized for your specific needs, but allows the entire school lunch ordering and reporting system paperless and online.  This exciting expansion will greatly reduce overhead and allow students and parents to easily make orders and school administrators to get real-time reporting on the orders.  Parents are also able to pay for their orders online!

  • Website Integration
  • Monthly Programs
  • Dynamic Meals
  • Simple Order Process
  • Printable Order Forms
  • Billing Accounts
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Extranet Photo 1And much more..........